The Power of Interne The further of development

Business Plan

When you run a business in this modern age, your internet service can make or break your customer satisfaction ratings and even your ability to run your company at all. That’s why determining what type of internet service you should use is so important. There are advantages and disadvantages to each one, but depending on your business, one will likely serve your needs better than the others. At SAJHt we’re offer you the best in erms of internet service for you business with effectiveness and efficiency for your needs.

Home Plan

SATELLITE INTERNET SERVICES FOR HOMES With our home plans, we offer you a reliable internet service at hat will serve the need of your family and contingency to work at home to move your business forward without the need to run off to the office. Our Ku-Band and Cu-Band will provide you with affordable subscription plans monthly or yearly for both home and business.


Local Area Network (LAN) is a network that is confined to a relatively small area such as business offices, schools, homes and areas related to transfers of data. We under take the services of networking to give you total control of your data for Connections for Services, Internet, Computing resources, Flexible Access and Workgroup Computing for Information storing and sharing. In the light of the above, you turn to Cut back on costs, Boost storage capacity and volume, enhance business activities and Streamline communication in the current covet-19 pandemic.